Contract Grass and Grounds Maintenance Services

Working in partnership and having contracts with local authorities, schools, Parish and Town Councils, sports clubs, developers and private householders, Limebridge Rural Services deliver best value grounds management and maintenance plans.

We have the grass care equipment and professional skills for:

  • Sports and Recreational Fields including track marking, weed control, over-seeding, aeration, fertiliser applications etc.

  • Amenity areas including weed control, strimming, litter clearance, leaf clearance and site tidying

  • Environmental site including bespoke planned maintenance schemes, site creation or just a planting scheme to suit every site

  • Highway verges including verge mowing, ditch mowing, ditch clearance, grip digging and hedge cutting

Landscape Maintenance

Limebridge Rural Services can deliver all the regular or one-off maintenance requirements of your landscaping and carry out landscape works such as:

Hedge Cutting of all types from domestic hedges, formal hedges, field hedgerows, conifer hedges and Leylandii Hedge height and width reduction, trimming annual growth or complete hedge removal when roots can be removed or ground off below the soil surface.

Shrub Pruning and Maintenance Planting design and layouts for formal areas or garden layouts, small woodlands, commercial and retail park sites or just a single tree for a special occasion.

Tree Works including felling, canopy lifting and reduction, stump grinding and complete removal, this applies to single trees or area and hedge clearance.

Weed Control on all types of grass areas, hard surface treatments, road gutter spraying. Block paved areas and loose fill roads and tracks.

Pest Control of moles and rabbits which cause immense damage to grass and amenity sites, we can offer an effective control of moles and rabbits with the use of various methods to suit your needs and environment.

Clearance Works of woodlands, overgrown scrub areas, neglected sites, bramble bushes, garden debris and commercial sites.

Gritting and Snow Clearance undertaken by contract or on demand to all types of sites, commercial, retail and schools - just a phone call away, contact us.

Local Authority Grounds Maintenance

Sports and Recreational Fields, including track and pitch marking, weed control, over-seeding, aeration, fertiliser applications etc. Amenity areas, Churchyards & Cemeteries, Village greens and parks including weed control, strimming, litter clearance, leaf clearance and site tidying. We can offer bespoke quotations or tenders for long term contracts of single event operation.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Creating a greener environment with commercial grounds maintenance and landscaping. We offer you a free no obligation consultation / quotation, contact us.

The outside of your business premises is often the first impression that people get of your business. Having professionally maintained exterior landscaping will give a good first impression to visitors and staff and will attract new customers to your business, as well as promoting your company's green credentials.

Emergency events such as fallen trees, collapsed fencing, flooding and general storm damage to the grounds of your property which we are able to quickly respond to our customers' safety needs when such events arise.